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Mike Hollinger

Organizational Leader, Author, Speaker, Geek. Chief Architect, Computer Vision and Time-series AI/ML, Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, IBM Sustainability Software


Mike Hollinger is Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Machine Vision and Time Series Data in IBM Software. He’s responsible for creating applications and solutions that leverage AI to address business needs in a variety of industries. Mike spent two years in Taipei, Taiwan as Lead Software Architect for IBM’s Power Systems Taiwan firmware development team. Mike's also an IBM Master Inventor, recognizing his contributions to the IBM intellectual property portfolio. Mike earned his master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2005, where he now chairs the of Board of Advisors for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. When he's not tinkering, he's either running on a trail in Austin, TX alongside his husband, reading with his daughter, or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.

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